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Clarkson McLaren are a highly skilled and experienced team within the ICT industry. Our range of expertise means we have an enhanced insight into the complexities of this field and the necessary network of contacts to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

With a strong focus on truly understanding a client’s needs and an approach to ensure that they are exceeded we have become leaders in our field.

Our ICT project management services have ensured the delivery of our components at over 170 store locations Australia wide. For each site we have remained flexible to the changing needs and requirements of not only our customer but to the industry.

This approach means that we continue to improve and foster relationships with customers, suppliers and all other associated stakeholders.

Our track record shows not only a success, but an ability to improve on current delivery methods in any associated areas of involvement.

We have a large range of industry professionals that we can engage and implement to meet any differing client dynamics.

We continue to remain a trusted partner of a number of large multi-national corporations and not only continue successfully delivering on their current requirements but being engaged on an on-going basis for new areas of development.

Pit & Pipe Communications Reticulation

Recent changes in the industry have created an area of uncertainty around the Smart Community or NBN process for Pit & Pipe.

While an architect, developer or builder or service provider may have some knowledge around the requirements it is the process and the effective management of that process that Clarkson McLaren are leaders in.

We not only have an extensive understanding of the process but we have the contacts within key areas that can ensure your service delivery is an easy one.
Our experience of working with multinationals rolling out new sites and developments each year means we can work alongside key stakeholders and ensure delivery of your Pit & Pipe requirements with any construction schedule you may have.

If you choose to combine this with Service Delivery Management, we can work with you from an end to end perspective and manage your

NBN Transition Management

For businesses and corporations with single or multi site requirements the transition to NBN from the copper network has a large degree of complexities and considerations.

Remaining dependent on your service provider can potentially leave gaps in the flow of information which can create problems in delivery of either pre-installation or managed conversions of existing services.

We have created relationship with service providers and with NBN directly in addition to the development or strong working models around the delivery of any transition requirements.

Logistics Management

Ordering Services in today’s environment means you will need to factor in the logistics of any stock requirements that are linked to your Services and their ordering process.

For many clients developing new sites there may be a requirement to submit orders for Services well in advance of your location being able to receive the hardware associated and you may not have the location of resources to manage this eternally.

We are partnered with a Logistical Solutions company who provides services to many of Australia’s Blue Chip companies and as such no matter how large or small your requirements we can offer a solution that’s right for you.

Relationship Management

Dealing with various companies and relationships during a project is not always a simple procedure.

While you may have an excellent relationship with one or more persons in an organisation you are not always equipped to deal with the other parties and balance their understanding of your business with your requirements and their internal processes.

In an ideal world your vendors and other stakeholders would always provide this and remove any potential issues.

At Clarkson McLaren we can do exactly that.

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