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  • Customer Name: McDonald's Australia
  • Category: Project Management, Telecommunications
  • Start Date: August 1 2017
  • End Date: Feb 2020
  • Status: Current
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  • Tags: Project Management

McDonald’s Australia: Telstra Fibre Rollout

Clarkson McLaren were contracted to project manage the national rollout of a Telstra fibre solution to over 980 locations across Australia.

We provided personnel and systems that increased overall efficiencies and tracking.

Our work included:

  • Design Review and Approval;
  • Implementation of CRM and Project Management software for:
    • Shared Communications between Telstra staff and McDonald’s staff in a single system
    • Project Tracking and Reporting
    • Development of an online UAT (User Acceptance Test) for onsite technicians to complete within restaurants for immediate review by the McDonald’s project team
  • Program Governance